Monday, March 16, 2009

improbable, but true.

I apologize, up front, for the blatant self-congratulation. But I never, in a trillion years would have expected to find my name in the middle of a news item on the Breyer Horses website, let alone a link to the non-narrated, disjointed, sound-rich audio piece about the inexplicable connection between girls / horses and the curious sport of competitive model horse collecting, that I produced a few years ago.

But here it is! And I'm kind of speechless. Overwhelmed. Honored. And astounded by the significant bump in the Third Coast Festival's website traffic. Thanks, Breyer!

[Once a model horse freak, always a model horse freak. And...we're everywhere. You're probably sitting next to or down the hallway from one RIGHT NOW!]


jugrote said...

You make it sound so dirty to be a freak. Shameful. Congrats on the pony showing!

shapiro said...

far from dirty, i'm not-so-secretly proud of my collecting past. er, present. it's a beautiful little world, actually. and strange. and perfect.