Sunday, January 18, 2009


I've come across a couple daily (or daily-ish) audio projects recently, which you may want to know about. Am curious to observe how long the frequency holds up, as i'm finding it challenging enough to listen daily, or daily-ish. (Not unlike my New Year Flossing Intentions.)

The efforts are opposites in some ways - narratives on one hand and field recordings (so far) on the other but there's a thruline of observation, of paying attention, of offering, that links the two. Kudos to Laura and Taylor, for being game...

One Sound Each Day
[On the heels of One Picture Each Day. Wonder how the two years will compare?!]


Audio Everyday

[One of my favorite posts is from 11/06/08, a 15-second extract from Obama's acceptance speech 11/04/08.]


Jack said...

Hey there, Julie.
Both great ideas, these - I've been thinking of doing something similar for ages, but need an extra impetus, I think - some extra little "umfh" that would get the desire going to carry around a tape recorder constantly.... Some kind of extra little piece of the creative challenge - like your ShortDocs! I see One Sound Each Day didn't get much past his new year's resolution .....!
Hey - will you be at IFC this year? Best, Jack Jackson

shapiro said...

hi jack! nice to hear from you. and i know, these projects tend to start with a full head of steam and then...slow it down. or evaporate completely. am hoping for IFC this year...should know in the next couple weeks. in any case, hope all's well with you so far in this new year. bst,

Jack Jackson said...

That's great, Julie. I think I'm going, so hope to see you there. All the best, Jack