Tuesday, February 12, 2008

listen to the astrospies*

if you happen to be watching PBS tonight and happen to catch astrospies you may happen to notice how beautifully scored the program is. this is because radio producer / sound designer jonathan mitchell is responsible for all of what you're hearing.

let's hope this is the beginning of a new phase in television's history, in which talented radio peoples are oft-employed (and heartily compensated) to enhance viewers' watching experiences via their ears - enough so they come to understand the endless and lovely potential for audio salvation, and turn to the airwaves with renewed enthusiasm and vigor. let's hope.

*vague and impulsive reference to the title and refrain from a catchy but lesser-known monkees tune that's often roaming around in my head: listen to the band. a shining moment for michael nesmith.

i was quite a fan, back in seventh grade.

[listen to the song]

update of update!
[listen to cover of the song]
or at least note that it exists. then listen to the original again.


CookingRock said...

Stupid Question 751: Are you the same JS that put out the fanzine "Tonic" in Portland, about 10 or so years ago?

--Marty in Portland

shapiro said...

not exactly. but i'm the same JS that put out the zine 'anodyne.' which is kind of another word for tonic. you're the marty of powellsland, at least back then, right?

CookingRock said...

That's right. I was the Marty of powellsland, but they canned my ass after initiating a union drive--that was successful, BTW. I've moved on to other things, but that was a good thing for me to do. Everyone's making better money, bennies, etc.

Anodyne. I found a coverless version of your zine in my collection in the basement and thought, "I wonder what ever happened to ol' Julie?"

God bless Google.

Cool that you have a good job and doing well. Chicago ain't the most hospitable city in America and it requires skill to make it there.

you can email me directly at marty dot kruse at comcast dot net.