Monday, January 21, 2008

marching on

back from ghana, and not sure how to begin processing all of what we experienced, including hundreds of photos, thousands of impressions, millions of sand grains still spilling out of luggage and towels...and lots of audio to sift through. here's a sneak preview of some sounds collected, via file names. actual audio to come soon in some way, shape or form. or a few:

alpha.mp3 / appiyah.mp3 / bats.mp3 / canopywalk.mp3 / fishermen.mp3 / fufu.mp3 / funko.mp3 / handclaps.mp3 / kak.monkeys.mp3 / kak.birds.mp3 / kak.insects.mp3 / kidhymns.mp3 / kpashkposh.mp3 / marchingon.mp3 / mindyrstep.mp3 / mysharona.mp3 / sadgoat.mp3 / seamstress.mp3 / soccerkids.mp3 / trotro.mp3 / whitechristmas.mp3

the ear photo was taken while walking around a struggling DIY animal sanctuary run by a dutch couple not far from kakum national park. there weren't so many animals onsite but we did see a few monkeys, porcupines, genets, baby civets, 57 turtles and a near-full elephant skeleton collapsed in a pile. the ear-wall is located right at the beginning of the tour. "it's there to remind people to listen to the sounds of nature," our rail-thin, tough as nails guide annetta explained. and why not?

here's annetta with her good friend nona.

these stories are going to come out slowly...

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