Wednesday, December 12, 2007

dollar storeys jr.

when the third coast festival conducted the dollar storeys public audio project earlier this year, we received submissions from all over the world. 82 of them, to be exact. but as far as i know, we didn't receive any from middle schoolers. now that doesn't mean there weren't any sixth, seventh or eighth graders producing short audio stories inspired by items purchased at a dollar store anywhere. in fact, dozens of them over in winston-salem, NC spent some time dollar storeying away with gusto. no really, hear for yourself.

such energy! such enthusiasm! such a great way to spend your time while schoolmates practice for the cheerleading squad or roll around on a mat in the gym, gunning for the next national wrestling championship!

thanks to the enthusiastic students and obviously very cool teacher over at hanes middle school who took the project on. thanks also to sue mell for alerting me.

full disclosure - mr. clauset is actually an old acquaintance of mine. but i didn't know he'd be teaching the DS project.

you may have noticed that Team Hanes picked a couple new dollar store items in addition to the ones we chose for the TCF version of the project. yes, i'm jealous of the toy pony option.

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