Saturday, May 12, 2007


check out this evolving emotional sound map of milan. according to the handy translator, the text on the homepage reads:

"Buzzbox collects the contribution personal, authentic and lose interested in the customers who address directly to other customers, a model of networking human that produces information and reduces the waste of time and energy. The point of view of who crosses and lives the city and its places come collected and amplified, the single comment become part of the `buzz', a brus├Čo diffused and choral profit to who adventure in the city and are wanted to be have ud of of a collective patrimony of acquaintances.

got it?

my favorite emotion recorded on the map is the one with the man who says: zazazazazazazazaza. i'm not exactly sure what he's trying to express, but i know i've felt that way too. recently.




Brandon said...

Very interesting blog

Joe Milutis said...

To make a Lacanian pun, it's a story corps morceles: the Story Corps more futurist-inspired black sheep cugine.