Sunday, April 08, 2007

dollar storeys!

over at third coast festival hq we've just announced a new project, and hope tons of people will get involved. (nudge, adventurous reader of this blog.)

introducing...dollar storeys. here's how it works: we'll show you three items purchased randomly at a dollar store and you'll submit a 3 minute finished audio story directly inspired by one of the items. it's that simple. all the subsmissions will be posted (forever!) on the TCF site and four bucktales* will be chosen as the 2007 TCF shortdocs, which means producers of them will be invited to our conference in chicago this fall to present their work. besides those four we'll also be showcasing other fine submissions in various ways - like at public events and on the radio.

if you're a chicagoland resident all of this might sound familiar. that's because the project's a collaboration with the dollar store show, a monthly reading series in chicago. and it was THEIR (jonathan messinger's) idea, in the first place, to give people dollar store items to inspire stories of all stripes. so thanks to him for joining forces with us for this project, and thanks to YOU for giving it a try.

i know the term 'bucktales' is very silly, maybe even cringe-inducing. but we need at least one other way to refer to the stories. in the course of a few paragraphs, one can only use the words 'dollar storey' so many times...thanks for understanding.

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