Tuesday, June 13, 2006

field recordings - real and imagined

this past saturday evening i stood in a field in tennessee with my fella and watched fireflies do their thing for the longest time. if only each little guy would make a sound everytime it lit up! and not just any sound, but one that was unique to that bug, kind of like each snowflake is different. one could walk around a field for hours then, getting countless cacophonous firefly songs stuck in her head. now there's a new and improved summer pastime.

on a different sort of field recordings note, if you're itching to learn some of the finer points of collecting sounds in nature, here's your chance:

Nature Sounds Society 22nd Annual Field Recording Workshop
June 23-25, 2006

"The Nature Sounds Society (NSS) in partnership with the California Library of Natural Sounds of the Oakland Museum of California present the Twenty-Second Annual Field Recording Workshop, June 23-25, 2006 at San Francisco State University's Yuba Pass Field Station, in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains."

specifically, you'll learn about recording in nature and the best equipment for the job during four field recording sessions in diverse locations with experienced recordists. there'll be some evening lectures, build-it yourself sessions and other opportunities to polish your chops, not to mention meet other as interested in this stuff as you are. AND you get to stay in a tent cabin beside the yuba river.

after you attend the workshop and figure out how to make beautiful recordings of meadow-lingering fireflies, please do let me know.

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