Tuesday, May 16, 2006

audio boot camp

feel like immersing yourself in a full-on "how to make audio documentaries" program this summer? then you're in luck; the hearing is believing summer institute program at the lovely center for documentary studies (pictured above, and where i spent a couple of very happy years as 'public programs coordinator' how ever many years ago) has a some vacancies they're looking for a few audio-hungry candidates to fill.

here's your chance to spend a week living, breathing and i bet even EATING documentary radio. you'll learn about recording, mixing and writing, engage in discussions ranging from ethics in doc. work to the future of radio (and probably the p-word too) and you'll even produce your own short audio doc over the course of the week. the course will be led by the inimitable john biewen, and a couple other guest producers (like one of my heros - chris brookes) will make appearances as well.

it's a leeeeeetle bit pricey, so start your bake sales now. but know that this opportunity is totally unique, will most likely help you get a job in public radio if this is the sort of thing you're hoping for, and i bet will reward you in further ways untold for now.

email april walton if you're interested, or call the CDS to register: 919.660.3670. (and tell them hello from me!)

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