Saturday, October 29, 2005

days of rage

this sounds like a perfect way to spend an hour next thursday evening, if you happen to live in chicago. an experimental audio theater piece about revolution and tigers! it's co-presented by the public square at the illinois humanities council and the TCIAF.

Thursday, November 3
Shows at 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm.
1420 N. Lake Shore Dr., Apt 11B
Space is limited to 34 people per show, so please register right away! Reservations are REQUIRED and can be made at 312.422.5580 or Please be sure to specify "Days of Rage" and the time of the show you plan to attend.

DAYS OF RAGE is an audio performance for small audiences which combines headphones, speakers, and live piano.

During the weekend of October 10, 1969, the radical left wing Weatherman organization (later the Weather Underground) brought their Days of Rage to Chicago, promising to bring thousands of participants from all over the country to violently protest America's involvement in Vietnam, to support the efforts of the Black Panthers (who did not endorse the Days of Rage), and potentially to spark a violent revolution against the U. S. capitalist establishment. Instead of the thousands they had predicted, only a couple of hundred people showed up. They made some speeches, destroyed a modest amount of property in both affluent and working class neighborhoods, and were beaten by the police.

DAYS OF RAGE takes place in present day New York City and follows several twentysomethings as they plan their own violent revolt while trying to pick up girls, make t-shirts, learn how to leave the house, get high on opium, and prevent the tiger in the bedroom from escaping.

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