Saturday, September 24, 2005

mystery and recommendation

been thinking about rabbit's feet. rabbit foots? rabbits' foots? i remember that besides teaching me how to throw like a boy, my childhood friend ricky gerber had an envious collection. were they real? were they kosher? what was the appeal? i _don't_ know. maybe ricky has some insight into this deep and puzzling mystery.

um, sound. right.

a couple friends have recently launched projects worth checking out. one -
ear crack - i feel an especial kinship with contentwise, and i think you'll see why pretty quickly. plus, jonathan has figured out how to post audio, and uses this same software, and so has inspired me to get to it, and try to post some audio files myself. um, soon.

regarding the other - first a story. early this spring my bicycle lock key broke off IN the lock, while it was attached to a rack downtown. now this bike is very dear to me, so i couldn't fathom leaving it stranded overnight. i called around to bike shops and though received much sympathy, no one was able to assist. in desperation and on a hunch i called my friend richard and asked if he happened to have a crowbar. within about an hour we'd liberated my poor bike, with a hammer and can of air!! and we had a silly amount of fun while doing it.

richard brings this same creativity and aplomb to
bad at sports , with the help of his partner-in-podcasting, duncan. he also brings a fresh and welcome take on art stuffs happening around chicago.

both sites will welcome you, i promise, with open arms.

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